Meet The Team: Who are Lana & Dejan?

Get to know the creators of the new Crown Up Dance Cup, the biggest national competition in Croatia!

Lana Jerčinović and Dejan Juranić came together in 2023 to explore the Croatian dance scene and quickly came up with a new dance competition system created specifically to ensure the best possible experience for young Croatian dancers and their coaches. Read more about this interesting duo and their vision for #CrownUp!

Dejan is a successful project manager in different sports areas with a passion for event management – he transfers his passion for the sport to lead the Crown Up Dance Cup project. Each wheel in the event organization system goes through a careful evaluation to ensure maximum efficiency and success, all for a better experience for each participant of the Crown Up Dance Cup competition.

“For years, I followed various dance competitions in support of my children. While great from multiple social and organizational aspects, all these competitions have always seemed separate. Each was special, but without some “connecting tissue” that would make it a larger, coherent whole. The idea was born from my first visits to competitions and took shape on paper two years ago – the desire to connect all these competitions into a unique dance experience”, says Dejan.

Lana has been dancing for over 15 years, and started her own dance troupe 10 years ago – today it is Dance Studio Instinct with over 130 dancers, all of whom participate in various competitions all over Croatia and win medals in different categories wherever they go. While feeling that something like Crown Up is missing in Croatia, she reached out to Dejan and created a brand new competition system:

“No shortcuts to a state-level medal. This competition will gather talented dancers from all over Croatia in five cities at the qualifying competitions with a chance to perform in the finals. Dance clubs and groups have the opportunity to compete in different dance styles, but also in different cities and really take in the competition at the national level. This is something you simply don’t have in Croatia. Yet.”

Dejan agrees: “In collaboration with Lana, this idea has gone through a big transformation and evolution, with a new dimension and a real goal. The Crown Up Dance Cup, with our unique concept of competition in Croatia, now represents something like an unofficial championship or a Croatian Cup. This final idea and concept is the product of years of experience, observation, and desire for change from multiple areas. The Crown Up Dance Cup is not just a competition. It is a vision that erases the boundaries between individual events, brings dance lovers together in one common purpose. It is an opportunity for dancers to demonstrate their skills and passion, but also for the community to come together, share experiences and celebrate the art of dance.”

But how exactly is #CrownUp different from other competitions in Croatia?

“The Crown Dance Cup stands out among other competitions because it is a comprehensive platform that connects five competitions across Croatia. The competition venues are regionally distributed to the north (Čakovec), east (Slavonski Brod), west (Crikvenica), south (Trogir) and center (Velika Gorica), allowing competitors easier access to at least one qualifying competition and the opportunity to advance to the finals”, Dejan confirms.

The final date, April 27, 2024, marks a real dance festival. Only participation in the final represents an entry into the very top of the Croatian dance scene. All those who earn the entry to perform at this final event will be recognized as top representatives of dance art in the country. Each group must have a clear goal during their qualifying performances and try to reach the final. Nevertheless, given the limited number of places in the final seating that is reserved only for the best of each qualifying competition.”

Become a part of the #CrownUp experience!

By far, my favorite part of dance competitions is when the teams watch their opponents, but if they dance really well, those opposing teams will also heartily support and applaud them. In my opinion, this support of art above the competition sets dance competitions apart from all other sports – and I’ve been a part of  so many that never felt as good as dance”, says Lana and concludes:

“I firmly believe that the experience should be the prime motivator of dance events, above all material rewards, especially for young dancers who are still exploring the competition world. And that is our main goal. To provide these dancers with a different dance experience. That’s why we designed special tasks for The Finals, so that in addition to rehearsed performances, team coaches also participate in the competition (every dancer should love to see their coach on the dance floor) and allow the teams to show their resourcefulness and creativity.

It is definitely something that sets us apart, and which I believe will remain in the memory of the dancers as something special and different.”

Our creators are inviting you to join them! Visit and learn more about the Crown Up Dance Cup.