Dance category based on ballet, ballroom and jazz dance technique with a mix of latin dances and also adding moves from burlesque style of dancing to develop high-energy, female-centered form of dance that involve powerful yet graceful moves executed with poise, with a focus on body and muscle control. Wearing heels while dancing is obligatory for this dance category.

Types of heels dance: Jazz Heels (combines jazz technique with high-heeled shoes, focus on sharp, precise movements and footwork), Burlesque Heels (combines elements of burlesque with high-heeled shoes, focus on sensuality, body awareness and feminine movement), Hip-Hop Heels (combines hip-hop choreography with high-heeled shoes and it has a strong emphasis on rhythm, energy, and attitude), Heels Fusion (combines different dance styles with heels such as contemporary, ballet, or modern to create a unique style/choreography).

For the team to score higher points in the “dance technique” parameter in heels category, performance should demonstrate well-maintained posture/body alignment (the rotation of the legs known as “turnout”), centered upper-body, extension in the arms and legs and body and muscle control.

Heels dance can be performed to a variety of music genres, including pop, hip-hop, and R&B.

Just a quick reminder:

Only age divisions SENIORS A and SENIORS B can make an entry in the HEELS dance category.

* If a routine is registered and performs in an incorrect discipline as declared by the judges, it will be judged by the rules of the discipline it was registered in and will then be moved to the correct discipline. There won’t be a deduction of points.

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