Dance category based on jazz dance technique that has evolved from ballet technique. It can be more upbeat or have a more lyrical note to it (utilizing the lyrics or mood of the music using a combination of ballet and jazz and demonstrating balance, extension, isolations).

Foundationals from ballet and jazz dance: body alignment (the rotation of the legs from the hip so that the feet are facing outward, known as “turnout”), centered upper-body, extension in the arms and legs, pirouettes and turns, fan-kicks, big jumps, jazz walks, ball change, layouts, box step, pas de bourree etc.

For the teams to score higer points in the “dance technique” parameter in jazz dance/lyrical jazz category, performance needs to demonstrate proper body alignment and at least two other foundationals suggested.

Examples of the artists:


* If a routine is registered and performs in an incorrect discipline as declared by the judges, it will be judged by the rules of the discipline it was registered in and will then be moved to the correct discipline. There won’t be a deduction of points.

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