In production number discipline, choreography must have a clear theme or story which takes the viewer on an imaginary journey that has a beginning, middle and end. All dance styles are allowed. Clear and pure dance technique in any chosen style is required. Choreography should be built up on idea and creativity accompanied by appealing costumes, strong presentation and expression. In this discipline performance can also combine acting and dance. Storyline, characterization and costume must reflect the chosen choreography piece.

Just a quick reminder:

PRODUCTION (number category) <——> PRODUCTION NUMBER (dance discipline)

PRODUCTION (20 – 40 dancers) is THE ONLY “Number” category that can apply for “PRODUCTION NUMBER” dance discipline (no other number category can apply).

PRODUCTION (20 – 40 dancers) is also a category that can ONLY apply for the “PRODUCTION NUMBER” dance discipline (and no other dance discipline). 

* If a routine is registered and performs in an incorrect discipline as declared by the judges, it will be judged by the rules of the discipline it was registered in and will then be moved to the correct discipline. There won’t be a deduction of points.

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