Competition takes place on the same day and at the same location (Jastrebarsko).


The age groups Minions and Kids only perform in the qualifications and immediately after all their performances, the winning teams are selected and awarded prizes. After the announcement of the Minions and Kids teams, their competition ends.

After the announcement, the qualifications continue with the remaining age categories.

Coaches of teams from the remaining age categories have the opportunity to participate in the Coach challenge, after the qualification rounds. Participation in the Coach challenge automatically earns a certain number of points for the dance team that the Coach represents. Those points are automatically added to the total number of points the team earned in the qualification performance, so the Coach has a chance to help their teams secure a spot in The Finals.

The top 5 teams according to sum of points from the qualification performance and coach challenge advance to The Finals in the categories JUNIOR  (including Juniors A and Juniors B) and SENIOR (including Seniors A and Seniors B). In total 10 teams will be in The Finals.

After the Coach challenge, the teams that have qualified for the finals are announced and they continue with the competition.

After the announcement for The Finals, there will be lunch break 30 minutes.

After the lunch break, we will start with competition for Solo and Duo&Trio.

During competition of Solo and Duo&Trio (approximately a three hour time), the teams that have qualified for the finals receive the Dance Challenge – a 1-minute song clip on which they must create their own dance moves, formations, and transitions and the goal is to try to “unify” all dance styles represented in the finals.


In the finals, teams first perform with the choreography from the Dance Challenge, where judges evaluate the resourcefulness and creativity of the teams/coaches.

After Dance challenge, best three solo performance and best duo&trio performance in Juniors (Juniors A + Juniors B) and Seniors (Seniors A + B) from qualifications, five (5) choreographies in total, advance to The Finals where they all dance again. The winner (being the dancer/s with the highest number of points in the finals performance) is also awarded with the CROWN UP Dance Cup trophy in BEST OF THE BEST solo/duo&trio category.

When Solo&Duo&Trio ends, teams perform again with their choreography from the qualifications, which concludes the competitive part of the competition.

After all the points are tallied, the rankings of the teams in the finals in each age category are announced and the teams (and Solo&Duo&Trio) receive corresponding medals and trophies.

At the very end, the BEST OF THE BEST team is announced  (including all group teams in the finals). The winners are based on winning the highest number of points from The Finals, which include the points from the qualifications performance, coach challenge, dance challenge and the finals performance. Good luck! 🙂

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